About Us

House of Solace Spices is a small business creating blends of herbs and spices to be used in your cooking. Our blends include Jollof Relish, Curry Delight, Fish Seasoning and Rice Relish.

Our spice blends allow you to easily create many recipes at home without having to buy lots of different ingredients.

Our Stockists

-Kashmir Stores – 469 Englinton Street, G5 9RU
-Main African Store Ltd. – 486 Duke Street, G31 1QF
-K&B African Shop – 19 Westmuir Street, Forge Market, G31 5EH
-Soul Food Sisters – 1 Ross Street, G1 5AR
-Shallom African & Caribbean Stores – 224 Saracen Street, G22 5ER
-Sunshine Africana – 121 Royston Road, G21 2QN
-Molokai Place – 234 Paisley Road West, G51 1BU
-Mama Africa – 26 Bridge Street, G5 9HR
-JOGRAB Ventures Ltd. Block 2, Unit 19, 1 Sandilands Street, G32 0HT
-Domagai World’s Market – 63 Main Street, G40 1QB
-Tasty Africa – 106 Allison Street, G42 8ND

-H and M Foods – 339 Calder Road, EH11 4AH
-Nissi Groceries – Murrayburn Place, EH14 2RR
-African Crest – 193 Gorgie Road, EH11 1TT

-M&T Continental Grocery – 26 St Andrew’s Street, DD1 2EX

-De-Glory – 542 George Street, AB25 3XL